Webcast 1 - An Introduction to the Tools

Webcast 1 - An Introduction to the Tools

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This VLOG is a basic introduction to the tools. Julian will take you on an overview of the Big 3 Tools that we are offering in 2020. 

Let's take a look at the tools we're offering in 2020


Here’s the Efficient Farmer Seeder. Its small, light, affordable, and tough. Its hopper is built using super tough acrylic and the seeding cylinders, handle and internal parts are built using strong and long-wearing PLA plastic. All the metal hardware is chromed to resist rust and makes adjusting brushes and supports easy with a standard hex key that comes with your Seeder.


Simply select the seeding cylinder appropriate to the seed you’re planting, make sure the supports are secured in the right place so that the right amount of seed is being deposited on your trays, and start planting! 

 We find the Seeder gives us consistent, reliable results every single planting. Changing the seeding cylinders is quick and easy - just remove the cotter pin and washer from the handle axel, carefully pull out the axel, put the cylinder on the axel, slide the axel through the center of the cylinder and through the hole on the hopper body, then replace the washer and the cotter pin. 

Now, before you start seeding your trays, it’s a good idea to create the ideal surface for the seeds to germinate on. This is easily accomplished by using our Roller. It’s made of strong and long-wearing PLA plastic that’s lightweight and won’t be damaged by soil or water. Simply position the roller at the leading edge of the tray roll about two thirds across, then roll back towards yourself from the outer edge. Very easy and you’ll see that germination rates are maximized as water now settles evenly across the whole tray, instead of flowing to the low point on the tray.

 Now, once you’re done seeding your rolled trays, you’ll want to topcoat those trays to ensure the moisture in the tray is evenly available to the seeds. You can do this by applying vermiculite, an inert mineral that retains some moisture, similar to putting a moistened sheet of paper towel over seeds to start them germinating. The Topcoater has a gate that can be adjusted using two fly nuts. Create an even gap, fill the hopper, and then tilt the Topcoater forward to start the media flowing out the bottom of the hopper. When you’ve finished coating, just tip the hopper back towards yourself and the flow stops. 

 Our tools will help you create an efficient and consistent seeding process. We know that the market for microgreens is growing year over year and that the general population is increasingly looking for healthy foods when they go shopping or head out their local farmer’s market. We feel that now is the time to get into this market and that our tools are the most affordable way for your business to start growing smarter!

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