The Seeder FAQ

Q: What kinds of seeds can I plant with The Seeder?

A: Almost every kind of dry seed - and some well drained soaked seeds too! Take a look at the Seeding Cylinders page for specific seed recommendations based on the cylinder.

Q: Can I get parts for The Seeder or other tools you sell?

A: Yes! Just send us a message from the 'Contact' page - link is at the top of this page. Tell us which tool you're wanting parts for and describe the part. We'll get back to you usually within a few hours. 

Q: How much seed should I put into the hopper of my Seeder?

A: Use enough seed to cover the seeding cylinder and enough seed to complete your planting. Also, before you start turning the crank handle, ensure the seed is evenly distributed along the length of the seeding cylinder. This ensures even distribution of seed.

Q: Can the seeder be damaged by sunlight?

A: No. However, high temperatures could damage certain parts. At temperatures above 45C printed parts can swell slightly or deform, so we suggest keeping it out of direct sunlight, especially if the ambient temperature is at or above 40C (104F).

Q: I'm left handed. Can The Seeder crank handle be moved to the left side of The Seeder?

A: Yes! Simply remove the cotter pin and washer, slide the handle out, slide it back in on the opposite side, ensure the washer and cotter pin are reinstalled, and now you have a left handed Seeder!