Efficient Farmer was founded in 2018 by Tamas Dombi, Sandra Dombi, and Julian Hall, the team responsible for Kind Organics, an organic salad and microgreen farm in southern Ontario, Canada. The farm supplies over 40 retail grocers in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) with fresh, organic salads and microgreens 12 months of the year. Their combined 33 years of organic farming experience means they are designing and building tools that work for today’s small to medium size farm businesses, or really anyone growing lots of microgreens! 

The Founders: 

Tamas Dombi:

Tamas is a farmer and small business owner who has taken his experience with growing microgreens and baby salad greens and used it to develop a toolkit for the small microgreen grower to create efficiencies with an affordable initial investment. 

Having been the one to make extensive investments in expensive farming equipment in the past, Tamas knows what it takes, intellectually and financially to invest in new machinery and figure out how it works. When repairs are needed he is generally the one to figure that out too. As such, he has had the opportunity to learn hands on about how expensive machinery works.

His unique perspective of training hundreds of employees and volunteers over the years on equipment, has led to many hours of contemplation on the efficiencies that can be created at every step.  He is passionate about bringing an integrated system to market that will help new microgreen-farmers start up for a reasonable investment.

Sandra Dombi:

Sandra Dombi co-founded a small farming venture in 2009 and helped to quickly grow Kind Organics to become one of Canada's top microgreen and salad producers. She comes from a background in healing and nutritional sciences with a strong focus on nutrient dense foods. 

Sandra is a dedicated and detail oriented person who thrives in customer service and day-to-day operations.  She has always focused on the logistics and orders and sales of the business.  Her passion is in making sure each customer is not just satisfied but thrilled.

Sandra is very excited about supporting small-medium farmers to grow their businesses and profits with the help of more efficient tools and education.

Julian Hall:

Julian has over a decade of diverse farming experience, from self-sufficient growing, community and co-op gardening, to commercial microgreen production. He comes from a previous career in IT, website and graphic design, and leads our computer aided design team.

At Kind Organics Julian focused much of his attention on the quality of microgreen growth and has spent years educating volunteers and interns on how to get the seed distribution and conditions to align for optimal yields.

Julian is very interested in automation and how it will help to make farming, and all kinds of food production, more sustainable, though far more technological.  He is passionate about helping farmers re-tool with efficiency boosting equipment to easily increase their yields with tools that anyone can use.