Microgreen Seeding Kits

Choose the Kit that works best for your type of Microgreen business.  Purchasing kits will save you money and give you a good idea of what makes sense.  You can also pair Kit A, B, or C with the "REST OF THE CYLINDERS Kit" below to complete your collection.  

 (All kits that come with "2 extra CYLINDERS" come with CYLINDER #2 and CYLINDER #6) 


A. Microgreen Seed Starter Kit: Featuring the SEEDER and 2 extra CYLINDERS (3 total) Save over 15%

B. Microgreen Seed and Topcoat Starter Kit: Featuring the SEEDER, the TOPCOATER and 2 extra CYLINDERS (3 total) Save over 17%

C. Professional Seeder and Topcoat Kit: Featuring the SEEDER, the TOPCOATER, the ROLLER and 2 extra CYLINDERS (3 total) Save over 18%

D. The Complete Microgreen Seeding Kit: Featuring the SEEDER, the TOPCOATER and 6 extra CYLINDERS (7 total) Save 20%

The Rest of the CYLINDERS Kit: Featuring CYLINDERS #1,#3,#5,#7.